Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.
Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.


Founded in 1969, CMS SpA – a prominent subsidiary company of SCM Group – currently yields a turnover of 140 million Euro and includes five foreign branches and a worldwide sales and assistance network. CMS machining centres are used in the processing of a wide range of materials: plastics and composite materials, light alloys, aluminium, marble, stone and glass.

CMS is the specialized brand of SCM Group dedicated to the machining of such materials.

Thanks to the extensive variety of solutions and its customized approach CMS SpA is in a position to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial sectors satisfactorily, including: aerospace, military and civil aviation, automotive industry and Formula 1 racing, America's Cup sail racing, yachting, energy production (wind turbines), building, mechanics, eyewear manufacturing and many others. Such sectors have made CMS known all over the world, owing to the accuracy, efficiency and overall quality of its products.

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