Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.
Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.

MAy 13, 2020


Dear Valued Customers,


Forge Employees have been working continuously throughout this “flatten the Covid19 curve shutdown”

We have been abiding by social distancing rules and limiting personal customer visits throughout the crisis. With multiple states starting to open up and relax restrictions, we wanted you to know that FORGE is also fully ready to make visits based on our customer’s requests or permission to do so.     

We will not violate any company’s “closed door” policy of course, and as always, we are accessible via phone, email, text etc.

 When we do make customer visits, we will continue to practice social distancing to the best of our ability, and utilize PPE where appropriate. Everyone at FORGE is looking forward to once again visiting the customers in our respective territories.   Please let us know how we can help your company get back to full production!


God Bless,

Paul T. Farrell    

C.M.T.S.E., CEO  


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A relentless pursuit to improve our customer's bottom line is the driving force behind the founding of FORGE.  We treasure the long term relationships we develop with our customers.  We understand being a valued resource to our customers requires maintaining the highest level of industry knowledge, and applying that knowledge ethically.

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