Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.
Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.

MetalFinish, now entering its 14th year in business, continues to assemble the broadest range of finishing equipment for the metalworking industry in North America. No other vendor can offer you a wider range of products for your finishing application. Not only can we address a variety of different applications, we can also provide discrete levels of financial arrangements to match your budget and needs for automation and throughput.

We can objectively consult with you regarding your application becausewe cover all major processesfor deburring, cleaning, graining, polishing and bevelling your parts, including any special applications that might be required. Furthermore, we offer specialty forming products to automatically form corners and CNC roll bendingfrom the very simple to the most complex shapes.

Review the products from world class suppliers for metal finishing technology. Not only do we take pride in our broad line-up of equipment, we are dedicated service providers and carry all associated supplies for these processes for your convenience. And at very competitive prices! Call on us to service and repair your machine or if you need hard- to- find parts and supplies for your application. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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