Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.
Tube Laser in use for manufacturing.

Tecnocut Aquatec

Waterjet Cutting Robots

A revolution in CMS Tecnocut product range: accuracy and reliability.
CMS Tecnocut introduces tecnocut aquatec, a groundbreaking new waterjet machine suitable for metals, advanced materials, stone and glass of any size and shape.


  • Modular structure: a wide range of configurations to suit any demand
  • Gantry structure with 30 mm helicoidal racks, providing high accuracy and reliability
  • New generation of cutting heads with an internal circuit for the abrasive, wholly designed and manufactured in CMS
  • Significant increase of the Z-axis stroke, up to 530 mm, to cut very high thicknesses
  • Customized solutions: a wide range of accessories allows to configure a machine tailored to the user demands​
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